KOLIBER extension arm, with work reach of 13’1”/4m or 14’9”/4,5m is to be mounted at tractor’s 3-point hitch. Arm is equipped with a hydraulic unit, made by a well-known manufacturer. Oil tank capacity of 31,70 gal, radiator and cable control panel are fitted as a standard feature.

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  • arm mounted to tractor’s rear 3-point linkage
  • high suspended original arm enables safe drive over obstacles
  • opened cover on hydraulic and electrical units
Hydraulic unit
  • independent, equipped with own cooler and pump
  • oil tank with level indicator and temperature sensor
  • arm equipped with hydraulic connectors
  • hydraulic pump with capacity up to 100 l/min (26 GPM)
  • available in option for 1000 rpm
  • cable-type as standard:
    • valves controlled with Bowden cables
  • electric (E) ON-OFF in option:
    • arm is moved at constant speed adjusted with choke valves
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