KWT extension arm is available in two versions - with reach of 18'/5,5m and 21’4”/6,5m. Is to be mounted on 3-point hitch (Cat. II). KWT 650 in contrast to KWT 550 has a hydraulically driven, extendable telescopic dipper arm. Machine is equipped with independent hydraulic unit with radiator and 180 l oil tank. In the latest KWT 651 model, an arm can be directed to the side of the tractor, which provides better visibility of working head and improves work comfort.

Swipe left / right
  • arm mounted to tractor’s rear 3-point linkage
  • additional stabilizing brackets (KWT, CAMEL)
  • high suspended original arm enables safe drive over obstacles
  • opened cover on hydraulic and electrical units
Hydraulic unit
  • independent, equipped with own cooler and pump
  • oil tank with level indicator and temperature sensor
  • arm equipped with hydraulic connectors
  • hydraulic pump with capacity up to 100 l/min (26 GPM)
  • available in option for 1000 rpm
  • cable-type as standard: - valves controlled with Bowden cables
  • electric (E) ON-OFF in option: - arm is moved at constant speed adjusted with choke valves
  • proportional steering (EP) available in option: - arm motion speed dependent on joystick position - simultaneous three cylinder control possible
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