Series of SaMASZ rear-side flail mowers KBR L extend the offer of light class machines. Mowers of this type are used for green areas and roadsides maintenance. Ground following bar mounted in the mower has working height adjustment, which defines the cutting height. This bar also increases the stability during operation and ensures no pressing of cut material. Self-cleaning of ground following bar with flails improves the comfort of working.

KBR/L – light / middle class
Swipe left / right
  • enables work within -65 ° and +90 °
  • body made of high-grade steel
  • overruning clutch built in a PTO shaft
  • front polyurethance cover
Ground following bar
  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • no pressing of cut material
Flail shaft
  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material and quicker decomposition of mowed material
  • combained with front flail mower ensured less drives, and in result time savings
  • lower load of machine and tractor
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