The MAMUT 860 TWIN double-sided flail mower is a combination of innovation, efficiency and mowing precision. Specially designed hydraulic block enables operation of all the machine functions with tractor hydraulic remotes without any additional valves or control panel.

MAMUT 860 TWIN – super heavy class
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  • designed to operate with MAMUT 280 or MAMUT 300 front mowers
  • robust and durable construction due to the use of high quality wear resistant steel
  • shaped body for a perfect flow of mulched material
  • two-sided rear construction combined with a front mower ensures ideal weight distribution
  • large working width without exceeding the permissible transport dimensions
  • very wide horizontal ground following range of +/- 20 cm / 7 ⁷/8”
  • independent transverse ground following of the working units within +/- 5° range
Hydraulic system
  • operated only by levers of the tractor hydraulic sections
  • dedicated hydraulic block which, by means of sequential control, enables operation of all hydraulic functions without additional panels, electric or mechanical valves
  • three pairs of double-acting hydraulic couplers to control the machine and all hydraulic functions:
- unfolding / folding (including automatic opening and locking of the transport latch) - lifting / lowering to headland position - retracting / extending working units - adjustment of hydropneumatic pressure relief system
Ground following bar
  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • stepless working height adjustment
  • optional adapter moves the bar outside the machine so that the mowed material is deposited in front of the bar
Ground following wheels (option)
  • stepless working height adjustment
  • 360° wheel rotation range - no need to lift the machine while turning or reversing
  • less rolling resistance
  • no risk of material build-up
  • mulched material is not pressed by the bar over the entire working width
Flail shaf
  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material and faster drying and decomposition
  • less drives - time saving
  • version of the machine with flail shaft of 245 mm (9 ²/3”) diameter for heavy duty working conditions available
Diverse equipment
  • counter-knives:
- replaceable - easier shredding - second row available as option
  • hardened sliding skids
- protect the machine during drives over obstacles - extend machine life - strenghtens the construction
  • warning plates with LED road lights
  • KENNFIXX hydraulic coupler
  • hitch designed for tractor rear
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