Starring: SaMASZ MegaCUT 941 and Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV disc mower setOn July 2, we attempted to set the “Largest area of meadow mowed with a set of 3 disc mowers in 8 hours” Guinness record. Preparations lasted many months. First of all, we had to meet the conditions imposed by the Guinness Chapter and find a meadow of about 140 hectares in one piece. We did not take the easy way out. We decided to mow in conditions similar to those faced by a Polish farmer on a daily basis, in the peat meadows in Goślub owned by the Walewice horse stud.The test started at 10:06 a.m., and the first one to sit at the wheel of the tractor was Maciej Stolarski, Vice-President of the Management Board. The first half of mowing was quite dynamic. At that time, the average efficiency of the set was less than 17 ha / h, the average speed was 17.5 km / h, the average fuel consumption was only 1.8 l / ha! The maximum speed, at which the tractor can be driven so far, was 25 km / h.According to surveyors, within 8 hours we mowed exactly 96.29 ha. However, certain things surprised us. A quarter of an hour before the end of the time, due to the very high unevenness of the terrain, the tractor “fell into a hole” by dropping the front mower deep into the ground. We were afraid that the machine had been damaged and that it would not possible to complete the work. After an instant reaction of our service technicians, the strip was cleaned of soil and grass, after which the machine started to work.At 06:06 p.m. the regulatory time had come to an end. Tired but happy, we passed the news to the invited journalists. We have downloaded the data from the on-board computer of the tractor together with the representatives of Deutz-Fahr:- Average speed: 17.9 km / h,- Operation capacity: 16.83 ha / h,- Average fuel consumption – time: 25.7 l / h,- Average fuel consumption – area: 1.8 l / ha,Was it possible to mow more? Probably so. But by setting this record, we also wanted to prove that our machines are suitable for everyone, even the most difficult conditions. Their reliability and trouble-free operation are appreciated by farmers on all continents, and we have confirmed this in Goślub. The result achieved requires the approval of the Guinness Record Chapter.We would like to thank all journalists, representatives of Deutz-Fahr, business partners, the host of the facility for their participation and help in the preparation of the attempt to set the record.The final verdict of the Guinness Chapter will be announced shortly.Soon we will also publish extensive footage.We invite you to watch the photo gallery from this event:
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