AlpS Up series ploughs are versatile thanks to the possibility to mount any car equipment on the front panel, PN-EN 15432, type F1 (DIN 76060, type A).

AlpS Up
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Main advantages
  • suitable for use in harsh environments
  • versatility of applications thanks to the possibility of mounting any car equipment on the front panel of PN-EN 15432, type F1 (DIN 76060, type A)
  • AlpS Up – means that the plow does not have its own hydraulics to control – the vehicle must be equipped with the hydraulics – it should have two pairs of hydraulic connections
  • AlpS Up H – letter H means that the plow is fitted with its own hydraulic system – and can operate independently.

Frame system
The plow can be coupled with virtually any type of vehicle. The patented frame system allows you to change the abutment quickly by removing only 8 screws. It is possible to couple with many municipal MULTICAR type vehicles, construction machines e.g. Big Avant, Kramer, Weidemann, JCB, Manitou.
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