• the hitch based on rocker system designed especially to cooperate with front loaders
    enables very wide range of ground following in 3 dimensions thanks to poliurethan bushings
  • mower mounted to the vehicle by means of specially designed frame
  • low weight thanks to high quality steel

Ground following bar

  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • no pressing of cut material

Flail shaft

  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of mterial, faster drying and decomposition
  • less drives – time savings
  • lower load of machine and tractor

Standard equipment

  • shaft with double flail spiral (double overlapping)
  • hydraulic engines (32 l/min, 40 l/min lub 50 l/min)
  • demanded vehicle’s hydraulic pump capacity
  • hitch based on rocker system
  • regulated ground following wheels
  • ground following shaft
  • hardened sliding skids
  • transport protection
  • automatic tensioning of v-belts
  • mowing height adjustment with ground following bar
  • adjustable support leg
  • replaceable counter-knives
  • pto shaft
  • flails at choice

Addittional equimpent

  • mounting frames
  • hydraulic engine 32l/min.
  • hydraulic engine 40l/min.
  • hydraulic engine 50l/min.
TypeNano 150 Hydro
Working width [m]1,50
Necessary hydraulic couplers
Number of knives [pcs.]40
Number of replaceable counter-knives1 row / 2 pcs.
Number of V-belts3
Flail shaft diameter [mm]108
Power demand [HP]from 35
Pump efficiency [l/min.]32 / 40 or 50 (depends on engine’s choice)
3-point hitch cat.I
Weight [kg]205
Max. diameter of branches to be cut [mm /in]20
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