The VINO lightweight flail mower provides effective and intensive mulching of branches and grass, so it is ideal for wine-growing and horticulture. Low weight, high durability, excellent ground tracking and high productivity are the main advantages of the machine.

VINO – medium class
Swipe left / right
  • high durability owing to use of high-grade steel - ROC 400
  • gearbox with integrated clutch
  • change of rpm from 540 to 1000 possible by interchanging the V-belts
  • floating function
  • modular design enables hitch choic
  • 2 types of hitches to choose: 1. as standard - one sided, fixed, reversible front / rear 2. optionally 2 hitches to choose: - one-sided, reversible front / rear, manually or hydraulically shifted - two-sided, manually or hydraulically shifted
  • very narrow design of belt drive minimizes the risk of delicate plants damage
  • sliding skids profiled to operate in narrow lines
Double forks
  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • no pressing of cut material
Flail shaft
  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material, faster drying and decomposition
  • less drives - time savings
  • lower load of machine and tractor
  • setting of ground following bar in two positions possible: 1. closer to the flail shaft to work without the forks. Owing to that the bar is cleaned automatically by means of the flails 2. farther from the flail shaft to work with the forks. The bar is cleaned by means of a special, regulated plate, which at the same time prevents foreign objects from being thrown out.
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