If you care for aquiring high quality fodder, effectiveness in operation and professional technical support we are the answer to your needs.

We are one of the world's leaders in production and sales of high quality agricultural and municipal machines. Close contact with the customer supports us in the dynamic development. Our strategy relies on dialogue and we are open to the needs of our existing and future customers. Thanks to that approach we can manufacture up to date machines, that are appropriate for the changing needs of the customers and are becoming indispensible partner at work.

Our dealer network consists of more than 50 companies in Poland and 70 abroad.

We have two foreign companies:

Why to choose us?

We sell our machines to such countries as: Germany, Russia, the USA, Latvia, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Turkey, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the RSA, Algieria and many others. That is why we are one of the fastest growing Polish companies with international range. By choosing SaMASZ machines, your choice is one of the best possible!

We invite you to spend some time on analizing our offer.If you have any questions please write, we will definitely answer!

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